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We have a detailed understanding of the auto accident law and familiarity with court systems.

We give full attention to every small detail while researching the case and leave no stone unturned.

We have a broad network of specialists to consult with regularly about cases along with great investigation techniques.


If you were hit and injured by a reckless or careless driver, you might be entitled to get compensation for damages that include property loss, medical costs, pain and suffering and lost wages.

We know whom to hire to go up and fight against the highly powered teams of lawyers used by the insurance companies.

We work with experienced forensic engineers regularly to determine the cause of accidents and to prove fault. We also work with nurses, doctors, economists and vocational rehabilitation professionals to prove damages, past and potential lost earnings, future medical costs, loss of earning capacities, impairment, and disability. We even work with grief counselors, psychologists, and others to offer evidences of emotional loss, loss of companionship and pain and sufferings.

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